Recipe: Lilo Loves New Years 2013 hangover cures

Well now, who is feeling slightly hungover or just worn out from all those Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations? Or maybe you are like me and just fed up of cooking for the masses over the holidays. Check out some of the recipes we featured on Lilo throughout 2012, I am a huge fan of comfort food and I think I might have a few recipes that fit the bill for a lazy New Years Day. Look out for many more recipes coming in 2013, we’ve got some good ones lined up. Happy 2013!

Recipe: Lilo Loves making a meal out of it
One of my favourite comfort foods has to be an omelette. Yes, yes, I know everyone must know how to make an omelette but check out how to do it the Lilo way. Read more…

Recipe: Lilo Loves Noodles
A good old stir fry is the best way to big out without feeling guilty. I love, love, love noodles so check out what is surely the best way to make them. Read more…

Recipe: Lilo Loves Sheperds Pie
OK, this one may take a little effort if you are feeling worse for wear on New Years Day, but it is so worth the effort. A good sheperds pie is a winner with everyone, and if you don’t feel up to making one today then remember it for next year, pre-cook it the night before and then indulge in it on 1 January 2014! Read more…

Recipe: Lilo Loves going crazy for Hummingbird cupcakes
Fingers crossed you must have received at least one hummingbird bakery recipe book as a gift by now. If so then treat yourself to some of their amazing chocolate cupcakes to ring the New Year in. Read more…

All photography taken with my iphone5, imagery belongs to Lilo Loves.


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