Book Review: My best friend’s girl by Dorothy Koomson

My best friend's girl by Dorothy Koomson


A friend has been recommending Dorothy Koomson to me for years, but I’d been naughty and never taken up the recommendation, so finally, my friend gifted me My best friend’s girl.

Having recently read the epic, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell I was looking forward to reading something completely different. I really enjoy mixing my reading up a bit.

Koomson’s My best friend’s girl really fit the bill. It’s one of those books that you fall instantly into and can really bond with all the characters. The story centres around Kamryn Matika and how she copes with the life changing decision to adopt her dying best friends daughter, who happens to be the result of a one night stand between her best friend and her fiance.

I knew from the offing I was going to be reaching for the tissues with this one but it also supplies a lot of laughs as we see Kamryn come to terms with her best friends passing, motherhood and the struggles of work and new relationships.

I’m really glad my friend put me on to this heart warming story. I’ll be looking up some more Koomson in the future but I think I need to recover from the emotional turmoil of this one first…you have been warned!

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